The Use Of UV Lighting In Duct Cleaning
UV Lights Create Clean Air Ducts
Cleaning the air ducts around your home can help to keep the air fresh and free of pollutants, allergens, and other debris. Paying a contractor to clean air ducts regularly ensures that they and your home air cleaning system and HVAC system are maintained properly. Poorly or infrequently cleaned air ducts may lead to illnesses including heightened allergic reaction, rashes, and even respiratory or breathing problems. As well as using contractors, having UV lights fitted within your ducts can help to clean air ducts on an ongoing basis.

The Science Behind The Method
UV lights have proven effective at helping to clean air ducts. The UV-C energy produced by the bulbs can destroy even the most minute particle of dust or microbial. In fact, research indicates that 99.9% of viruses and bacteria within the air ducts of your home can be destroyed with effective UV lighting. By destroying the DNA of these bacteria, UV lights can help to reduce bad smells and greatly improve the quality of the air that you breathe within your home. This, in turn, can improve allergies, decrease illness, and provide relief to asthma sufferers.

UV-C is a natural component of sunlight, and is the reason that many harmful microbes die in natural outdoor light. However, within the home, and specifically within air ducts they are left to breed and grow almost at will. Having your air ducts cleaned regularly will certainly assist in the problem but having UV-C lights fitted offers a more thorough, long-term, and preventive solution. The UV-C rays break down the outer membrane of the microbe and pierce its DNA. This alters the DNA of the microbe so that it sends inaccurate signals causing the death of that microbe.

UV Lighting Provides A Safe Way To Clean Air Ducts
UV-C lights placed within the air ducts of your home are perfectly safe. Placed correctly, there will be no human contact with the lights anyway, and they will be left to clean air ducts throughout their life. UV-C lights do not create any kind of ozone or gas, and do not put you, your furniture, or any other items within your home at risk. The only things that are endangered by the use of UV lighting in this way are the microbes and microbial that you want to eradicate from your breathable atmosphere.

Clean Air Ducts Thanks To UV Lighting
Clean air ducts not only mean safer air, it means more pleasant air. The UV lights also destroy mold and mildew, which commonly cause nasty smells. Once the mold and mildew builds up to a certain level, the smell will begin to travel through the air cleaning system within your home and will basically be pumped into your rooms. Because the UV lights destroy mold as well as provide you with clean air ducts, you will have a much more pleasant atmosphere to breathe.

UV Lights Create Clean Air Ducts

UV-C is a natural component of sunlight, and is the reason that many harmful microbes die in natural outdoor light.